ABOUT NEXT365™ 2018

It’s another Olakunle Soriyan Indaba. Please note very quickly that this is not a motivational immersion—it is rather a jargon-free, very practical, usable, transferable and rewardable knowledge experience—it is about knowledge exchange… a conversation and ideation. This indaba has happens every end year since 2012. The futurist, disruptor, thought revolutionist and transformation strategist,Olakunle Soriyan, gathers 100 big minds across the nation into a room. The goal is to unveil the contents of the New Year ahead.LIke all the editions before it, “UNDERSTANDING THE NEXT 365™ DAYS:6HOURS OF UNDRESSING 2018” with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN is a thought leadership session driven by prescience and trend watching. It is an expose and critical insight into the contents of 2018 and how to stay above and beyond it. It’s about what will or might happen in 2018 and who you must be in it.

The Indaba will put you at least 15hours to 30days ahead of real time, ahead of your peers and ahead of your environment. As we enter 2018 fully. You will live and work at your normal pace in 2018, but you will experience your reality like in slow motion; and those who come in contact with you will call you a genius, and wonder how you seem so aware and prepared. You are about to doubt your doubts as well. This Indaba will help you with the mentality and intelligence to sit and to run all through 2018, and consistently create winning experiences through the year at the very centre of friction, heat and chaos. It will deliver GUIDANCE, COUNSEL, DIRECTION, ENCOURAGEMENT and FOCUS.

The Indaba is a 6-hour quick peep into 2018, the best gift for the season and the most credible experience into 2018. “UNDERSTANDING THE NEXT365™ DAYS: 6HOURS OF UNDRESSING 2018” with OLAKUNLE SORIYAN will show you that the best gift to give yourself (and your loved ones) in the end-year holiday season is not in a box…it’s not out of the box… it’s an event. It is a knowledge-sit-down with the futurist, disruptor and thought revolutionist.


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